Tanulmány (study): itt

Szerző (author)

Bence Fehér

Cím (title)

Recently identified epigraphic and peri-epigraphic relics from the Avar cemetery of Zamárdi

Hivatkozás (references)

Ephemeris Hungarologica, 2021. (1.) 2. 237–252.

Absztrakt (abstract)

here are several metallic pieces among the finds of the Avar cemetery of Zamárdi that bear different scratches. The author discusses the items where the scratches are potentially runiform inscriptions or other peri-epigraphic signs (tamgas, numerals, etc.). The surfaces of six strap ends are undoubtedly inscribed, but the deciphering of those letters is unreliable; the characters mostly seem to fit well with the Nagyszentmiklós alphabet, apart from the fragment of the strap end from grave 1392, the two fragmentary letters of which are different from the known Avar-period writing systems. The first item (from grave 1807) shows a two-word sentence, its structure is typical for the Nagyszentmiklós-type inscriptions. Besides, a silver fitting contains a mark which can either be a Nagyszentmiklós-type letter or a numeral, and a fragmentary pressed leaden sheet proved to be part of a Byzantine leaden bulla.

Nine other objects bear possibly intentional signs which are not inscriptions: tamgas, crosses or other non-verbal marks. Six objects are decorated with clearly ornamental scratches.

Kulcsszavak (keywords)

Avars, runiform inscription, strap end, Nagyszentmiklós alphabet, scratches