Tanulmány (study): itt

Szerző (author)

István Galambos

Cím (title)

Details on the ecclesiastical history of Várpalota

Hivatkozás (references)

Ephemeris Hungarologica, 2021. (1.) 2. 271–288.

Absztrakt (abstract)

Várpalota is known to be a ‘socialist town’ by common people and historians as well. There were industrial improvements and influx of thousands labourers. The town’s other, non-economical, side is a bit neglected. This side is the connection between citizens and their churches. A few respected catholic families were considered to be relocated by force, which happened a year later.

This thesis describes the relation of the citizens of Várpalota to their churches from 1945 to 1956. Case of Vicar Antoine Steixner was paramount for anti-religious forces. This case was coincident with the resettlements by force. Communist dictatorship revealed its face again.

Kulcsszavak (keywords)

communism, socialist town, church