Mission of Research Centre

The mission of the Research Centre for History of Ideas is to systematically identify the history of ideas in Europe, including that of the Hungarian population in the Carpathian Basin, to explore all of its connections even with other continents from the ages of Hungarian prehistory until today. The research focuses on the identification of longue durée especially but not exclusively in the context of the history of philosophy, science and technology, religion and arts.

Tasks of Research Centre

The main objective of the Research Centre for History of Ideas is to review the interaction between the European and Hungarian history of ideas focusing on those slowly accumulating changes that eventually result in paradigmatic changes in set of concepts, societal mentality and culture.

Objectives of Research Centre

The major objective of the Research Centre is to elaborate a regularly published series of studies on fundamental conceptual and cultural changes that transferred Medieval Europe, including Hungary to modern Europe. The studies will also serve as a general conceptual and theoretical background for specific Hungarian studies of the other research centres operating within the framework of the Institute of Hungarian Studies.

In addition, the Research Centre for History of Ideas will organise and operate the Society for the European History of Ideas, a cooperation network (spanning the five continents) of Hungarian and international researchers dealing with European and Hungarian history of ideas. The Society will host the annual events of a conference series and the international periodical published in English, the Proceedings of the Society for the European History of Ideas.


Dr. Klima Gyula János

Research Advisor

klima.gyula.janos@mki.gov.hu curriculum vitae

Dr. Németh Zsolt Miklós

Senior Research Associate

nemeth.zsolt.miklos@mki.gov.hu curriculum vitae

Dr. Bíró Csilla

Research Fellow

biro.csilla@mki.gov.hu curriculum vitae

Dr. Majorossy Imre Gábor

Research Fellow

majorossy.imre@mki.gov.hu curriculum vitae

Dr. Kerékjártó Ágnes

Research Fellow

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