II. Rákóczi Ferenc

Munkatársunk a tévében osztotta meg gondolatait a fejedelemről

Prof. Dr. Kásler Miklós a Vasárnapi újság című műsor vendége volt.

 Prof. Dr. Kásler Miklós

Academy Award and Golden Globe nominee Eric Roberts gave an exclusive interview to Hír TV's "Radar". The production, which is being filmed in the Visegrád citadel for a month with a cast of international stars that promises to be the most outstanding work in decades, takes us back to the time when the Kingdom of Hungary was on the brink of destruction due to the invasion of the Mongol Empire.

The historic film "1242 - At the Gates of the West" captures the three fateful days of the battle. 

János Jeney, our cartographer researcher, in Ps TV's "Dániel Ferkó interviews" programme. 103 years ago on this day, the leader of the Hungarian peace delegation, Count Albert Apponyi, gave his famous defence speech at the French Foreign Ministry.

Gábor Horváth-Lugossy, Tibor Török and István Gergely Varga about the latest research results of the Institute of Hungarian Research in the programme "Fókusz" on RTL Klub

"The identification of the remains of our kings of the Árpád dynasty is much more than a scientific curiosity, (...) since