Mission of the Research Centre 

The mission of the Research Centre for Hungarian Historical Linguistics is to explore, obtain and preserve data on the evolvement of the historic values of the Hungarian language and to preserve them in order to strengthen the Hungarian identity.

Tasks of the Research Centre

To renew Hungarian etymological research: niche research trends, establishment of innovative digital data bases, more specifically:

To conduct “bidirectional” Hungarian etymological researches, research on Hungarian loanwords in the neighboring languages in the Carpathian Basin;

Enumeration of the considerable amount (!) of Hungarian words so far considered to be of unknown origin and discussed only marginally in previous Hungarian dictionaries. An important task is to provide language historical support for Hungarian prehistorical research and to conduct historic, folklore linguistic and typological comparative researches. The aggregate results of the multidimensional language historic researches may result in a more subtle Eurasian isogloss system. When compared with the research results of genetics, archaeology (and folkloristics so far ignored from this point of view), linguistic isoglosses characteristic of the particular periods of time may open new possibilities in the field of Hungarian prehistoric research. A further task is the historic analysis of Hungarian dialects, performance of the related dialect collection tasks, Hungarian onomastics and linguistic geography of names and collection. The above can also contribute to the better understanding of the linguistic mosaic and multilingualism of the Hungarian language.

Objectives of the Research Centre

The objective of the Research Centre for Hungarian Historical Linguistics is to utilize the results of the exploratory researches, make them accessible to the whole Hungarian speaking community and to strengthen and raise awareness about individual, local and national identity and everyday patriotism by researching the linguistic past.


Tóth Zsolt

Assistant Research Fellow

toth.zsolt@mki.gov.hu curriculum vitae

Nagy Dóra

Assistant Research Fellow

nagy.dora@mki.gov.hu curriculum vitae