Research Centre for Ethnography and Folk Music

Ethnographical research aims to discover the hidden world of our past by collecting, synthetizing and observing the memorabilia, artifacts, art and oral traditions of our people by using the results obtained from research on the lives and traditions of related ethnic groups within or even outside Europe. Various scientific methods are applied including cultural anthropology whereby we integrate the research materials about the long-term cohabitation of the studied ethnic group.

Besides the scientific and historical research, the Research Centre for Ethnography and Folk Music has another interesting task: compiling and exhibiting the specific ethnographical elements of the county (comitatus) system within the Carpathian Basin with regard to all aspects of human life. What are the costumes of Vas County like? What are the architectural styles of Baranya County? Which songs and tales are characteristic of the particular counties? Our aim is to strengthen local identity (patriotism) and to achieve that local historical monuments become the sources of national pride. There are numerous international examples of how other countries preserve their specific historical styles and traditions (e.g. architecture, costume, jewelry).


Dr. Agócs Gergely

Senior Research Associate curriculum vitae