Mission of the Research Centre

The mission of the Research Centre for Language Planning to enhance the value of and strengthen the role of the Hungarian language in the education of national identity, our lives, culture and identity.

Tasks of the Research Centre

The main task of the Research Centre for Language Planning is, on the one hand, to continue research and planning based on linguistic approaches studying the societal context of the language and on language policy and, on the hand, to explore and elaborate materials on language planning and to develop the Hungarian language strategy following the survey of the fields of use of the Hungarian language. A further task of the Research Centre is to provide and support language services, to apply the results gained and to implement strategic tasks and activities.

Objectives of the Research Centre

The objective of the Research Centre for Language Planning is to improve and form the present situation, prestige, quality of use and clarity of the Hungarian language on the basis of scientific evidence and to continue research on the use of language that benefit the society and promote policy actions targeted at enhancing patriotism and identity.


Dr. Fehér Bence

megbízott igazgató

feher.bence@mki.gov.hu curriculum vitae

Dr. Bódi Zoltán Gábor

Senior Research Associate

bodi.zoltan@mki.gov.hu curriculum vitae

Dr. Pál Helén

Research Fellow

pal.helen@mki.gov.hu curriculum vitae

Rási Szilvia

Assistant Research Fellow

rasi.szilvia@mki.gov.hu curriculum vitae

Dr. Kerékjártó Ágnes

Research Fellow

kerekjarto.agnes@mki.gov.hu curriculum vitae

Dr. Jánk István

Research Fellow

jank.istvan@mki.gov.hu curriculum vitae

Katona József Álmos

Research Fellow

curriculum vitae

Szabó Zsuzsanna

Administrator Expert