Mission of Research Centre

The mission of the Research Centre for Classical Philology is the conservation of the antique heritage of Hungary, the arrangement of the related knowledge-basis in an up-to-date form and the enhancement of knowledge through the deployment of modern technologies. The antique heritage of Hungary includes the Antique and Medieval written sources of the historic Hungary and the Hungarian history, as well as the traditional – literary historic, language historic, historic and archaeological – themes of Hungarian classical philological history.

Tasks of the Research Centre

The main objective of the Research Centre is to catalogue the Greek-Latin Medieval historic sources in a public repository with the aim to illustrate that the Hungarian historic resources inventory is a unified entity, to equip the various source texts with advanced identification codes and up-to-date bibliographies and to prepare the publication of a searchable text database of the repository and to implement their source- and text-critical publication in uniform series. A further task is to provide Greek and Latin philological researches with the necessary human and material resources, to develop a reference library and to establish the conditions for professional career building in this field of science.

Objectives of the Research Centre

The objective of the Research Centre for Classical Philology is to expand the source material already known in printed form by the following: exploration of manuscripts in Hungarian libraries and archives, foreign institutions specialised in Hungarica-research, exploration, description and content-level repertorization of printed sources, processing of manuals, independent literary research in Hungarian and foreign libraries. The objective is to prepare the up-to-date publication of text sources yet unpublished or published only in an outdated form and to create the electronic directory of the pre-1924 literature of international classical philology.


Hursán Szabolcs Gábor

Assistant Research Fellow

hursan.szabolcs@mki.gov.hu curriculum vitae

Tóth Anna Judit

Senior Research Associate

toth.anna@mki.gov.hu curriculum vitae

Darvas Mátyás

Administrator Expert

darvas.matyas@mki.gov.hu curriculum vitae

Fröhlichné Szanka Brigitta

Assistant Research Fellow

szanka.brigitta@mki.gov.hu curriculum vitae

Dr. Severino-Varsányi Orsolya

Senior Research Associate

severino-varsanyi.orsolya@mki.gov.hu curriculum vitae

Dr. Restás Attila

Research Fellow

restas.attila@mki.gov.hu curriculum vitae