Mission of the Research Centre

The mission of the Research Centre for Archaeogenetics is to contribute to creating an evidence-based and unified historical view of the origin of the Hungarian people with new data. To this end, the research activity of the Centre focuses on the genetic testing of the historic populations of the Carpathian Basin and the detection of their genetic link with past and present populations. A further important subject of our research is the continuation of the genetic profiling of the Árpád dynasty due to their outstanding role in the formation of the state. Our results shall be presented to the general public in an objective manner.

Tasks of the Research Centre

The main task of the Research centre is to explore the process of ethnogenesis of the Hungarian people via interdisciplinary researches; to examine what populations and in what proportion participated in the formation of the genetic profile of the present-day Hungarian population and to establish what populations are related genetically to the past and present populations of the Carpathian Basin.

Objectives of the Research Centre

The objective of the Research Centre for Archaeogenetics is to provide the Hungarian nation with the most possible verified direct genetic information deriving from the specific ages by applying state-of-the-art molecular-biological technologies and to create a public-domain archaic genome data base for Hungarians living in the Carpathian Basin. Our further objective is that the Hungarian people could have access to and gain knowledge about the origin of their genetic predecessors. Besides publishing the research results in professional, international journals, we would also like to disseminate our achievements in Hungary.


Dr. Maróti Zoltán

Senior Research Associate

maroti.zoltan@mki.gov.hu curriculum vitae

Dr. Tihanyi Balázs

Research Fellow

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Dr. Varga Gergely István

Research Fellow

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Kovács Bence Gábor

Assistant Research Fellow

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Kis Luca

Assistant Research Fellow

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Ginguta Alexandra

Assistant Research Fellow

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Dr. Vaszkó Tibor

Administrator Expert

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Maár Kitti Anita

Assistant Research Fellow

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Schütz Oszkár Bence

Assistant Research Fellow

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