Genetic identification of the remains of Saint László and Béla III yields fantastic results

Gabriella Jeki's interview with Endre Neparáczki, Director of the Research Centre for Archaeogenetics of our Institute, about the identification of the remains of Hungarian rulers was published on the news site.

We live in a celestial bond - "Since the offering of St Stephen, our country is the Kingdom of Mary, Regnum Marianum"

Balázs Ágoston's interview with Miklós Makoldi, director of the Research Centre for Archaeology of the Institute of Hungarian Research, about the importance of saving our Árpád-era churches and the sacral mission of the Regnum Marianum was published in the Magyar Demokrata weekly.

"Hungary is an integral and recognised actor of the European cultural life in the historical perspective"

"The Hungarian history of ideas, together with our Eastern heritage, is an integral part of the European Christian history of ideas. We can primarily mention the many Hungarian saints and blessed ones, from the House of Árpád to the present day.

Institute of Hungarian Research

The main goal of the Hungarian Research Institute is to bring together, evaluate and comment on the knowledge generated in different scientific disciplines at a high scientific level, with as much probability as possible. The task of the organization is to carry out research to explore the past, language and origin of the Hungarians, which has not been possible so far. The Institute, managed by the Government and the Ministry of Human Resources, became operational on 1 January 2019.

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