World-famous actor gives exclusive interview about the upcoming film "1242 - At the Gates of the West”

Academy Award and Golden Globe nominee Eric Roberts gave an exclusive interview to Hír TV's "Radar". The production, which is being filmed in the Visegrád citadel for a month with a cast of international stars that promises to be the most outstanding work in decades, takes us back to the time when the Kingdom of Hungary was on the brink of destruction due to the invasion of the Mongol Empire.

The Institute of Hungarian Research has reinstated the genuine past of the nation, restoring the truths of our chronicles

Published in the daily newspaper Magyar Nemzet, Balázs Ágoston's comprehensive overview entitled “Body and soul of the nation - Hungarians have straightened up after a hundred years of stooping and want to live again" sees the key to the survival of Hungary in the healing of the national soul and the restoration of our national consciousness.

Institute of Hungarian Research

The main goal of the Hungarian Research Institute is to bring together, evaluate and comment on the knowledge generated in different scientific disciplines at a high scientific level, with as much probability as possible. The task of the organization is to carry out research to explore the past, language and origin of the Hungarians, which has not been possible so far. The Institute, managed by the Government and the Ministry of Human Resources, became operational on 1 January 2019.

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