The origin of the Hunyadi family

The Hunyadis have the highest genetic similarity with samples from the Carpathian Basin, with an ancient European genome composition. This is a new scientific milestone achieved by a remarkable research of the Institute of Hungarian Research, carried out under extraordinary circumstances.

Presentation of the Institute of Hungarian Research at the Meeting of the Hungarian Diaspora Council

The plenary meeting of the Hungarian Diaspora Council (MDT) is held in Budapest. At the opening ceremony, Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjén and State Secretary János Potápi welcomed the participants.

"The 1956 Revolution and War of Independence was also important because it exposed the Soviet and Communist ideology to the Western societies."

Our historian Zsuzsanna Borvendég gave a celebratory interview to Éva Harangozó in the daily newspaper Magyar Nemzet.

Institute of Hungarian Research

The main goal of the Hungarian Research Institute is to bring together, evaluate and comment on the knowledge generated in different scientific disciplines at a high scientific level, with as much probability as possible. The task of the organization is to carry out research to explore the past, language and origin of the Hungarians, which has not been possible so far. The Institute, managed by the Government and the Ministry of Human Resources, became operational on 1 January 2019.

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