Advance of the Mongol Empire stretching from the Korean Sea to the Carpathian Basin and invading Europe stopped by the Kingdom of Hungary

The historic film "1242 - At the Gates of the West" captures the three fateful days of the battle. 

Kornél Sipos spoke about the international co-production on M5 TV's "Libretto" programme.

The producer said, inter alia, that the idea of the film is the result of the cooperation with Borbála Obrusánszky, Hungarian Ambassador to Mongolia, and that the production, presenting the historical connection between the Mongolian and Hungarian nations on the screen, depicts the less known background of the Mongol invasion with the participation of international stars.

Csaba Hidán, senior research fellow at the Institute of Hungarian Research and historian expert of the film, shed light on the background of the ruthless destruction by the tribes spreading westwards from Inner Asia, and said that the Mongol Empire, the largest state formation in world history, was created about twenty years before the Hungarian military campaign. The gap-filling film depicts the final days of the campaign, which was a decisive historical moment for Béla IV, regarded as the second founder of Hungary, and for Batu Khan, who established the Golden Horde.

Csaba Hidán emphasized that during the Hun research conducted by the Institute of Hungarian Research in Mongolia, it was possible to inspect archaeological finds from the Mongolian period, which also brought to light new professional information that make the production, which will be released at the end of the year, historically authentic and even more realistic.