Genetic identification of the remains of Saint László and Béla III yields fantastic results

Gabriella Jeki's interview with Endre Neparáczki, Director of the Research Centre for Archaeogenetics of our Institute, about the identification of the remains of Hungarian rulers was published on the news site.

"Decades of controversy have finally come to an end: modern methods have been used to identify the remains of several rulers of the Árpád dynasty. Researchers from the University of Szeged have examined bone remains and obtained tangible results using DNA samples. In doing so, they have discovered solid starting points that can also be systematically incorporated into Hungarian historical research. The team of experts, who have also authored international publications on the subject, can also provide new information on the exact burial places and customs of St. László, Béla III, King Mátyás and Hungarian Royal Prince András, among others, as well as on the facial features of our deceased rulers. But what does the Székesfehérvár Ossuary hold? What role do Y-chromosomes play in the analyses? Why do scientists have to travel to Lepoglava in Croatia and Naples in Italy?"

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