Hungarian-Sekler Day of Unity

Every day of the year, our hearts beat together with our Szekler brothers and sisters, we share our thoughts and our souls - but today we also give voice to this, because today is the Day of Hungarian-Sekler Unity.

We all know from our history that the Szekler people protected the borders of the Kingdom of Hungary, their land, our land, the eastern part of the Carpathian Basin for more than a thousand years. We are well aware of the blood sacrifices that this has entailed over the centuries. We do not forget, because we are of the same blood.

The Institute of Hungarian Research is proud of its colleagues, partners and supporters in Transylvania and Szeklerland. On this day, we would like to thank them not only for their historical endurance, but also for the professional cooperation, the encouragement, the shared moments and the friendships that have been formed.

At the Szekler Grand Assembly held 174 years ago on 16-18 October 1848 in Agyagfalva, the sixty thousand people gathered declared their support for the Hungarian government. The meeting in Agyagfalva marked the beginning of the Szekler uprising and the Szeklers' joining the 1848-49 War of Independence.