‮𐲁𐳢𐳠𐳁𐳇-𐳏𐳁𐳯 𐳉𐳢𐳉𐳇𐳉𐳦𐳋𐳢𐳟𐳖 𐳥𐳜𐳖𐳜 𐳄𐳐𐳓𐳓 𐳥𐳀𐳓𐳛𐳖𐳮𐳀𐳤𐳜𐳐 𐳉𐳖𐳐𐳤𐳘𐳉𐳢𐳋𐳤𐳉

‮𐲀 𐳙𐳀𐳦𐳪𐳢𐳉 𐳦𐳪𐳇𐳛𐳘𐳁𐳚𐳛𐳤 𐳌𐳛𐳗𐳜𐳐𐳢𐳀𐳦 𐳀𐳢𐳄𐳏𐳉𐳛𐳍𐳉𐳙𐳉𐳦𐳐𐳓𐳀𐳐 𐳖𐳀𐳠𐳒𐳀 𐳓𐳞𐳯𐳯𐳋𐳦𐳉𐳦𐳦𐳉 𐳀 𐳿𐳿𐳼𐳼. 𐳋𐳮𐳐 𐳖𐳉𐳍𐳛𐳖𐳮𐳀𐳤𐳛𐳦𐳦𐳀𐳂𐳂 𐳄𐳐𐳓𐳓𐳉𐳐𐳙𐳉𐳓 𐳖𐳐𐳤𐳦𐳁𐳒𐳁𐳦. 𐲀𐳯 𐳛𐳖𐳮𐳀𐳤𐳜𐳐 𐳮𐳁𐳖𐳀𐳥𐳦𐳁𐳤 𐳀𐳖𐳀𐳠𐳒𐳁𐳙 𐳂𐳉𐳓𐳉𐳢𐳭𐳖𐳦 𐳀 𐳎𐳹𐳒𐳦𐳉𐳘𐳋𐳚𐳂𐳉 𐳀𐳯 𐲁𐳢𐳠𐳁𐳇-𐳏𐳁𐳯 𐳌𐳐𐳖𐳛𐳍𐳉𐳙𐳉𐳦𐳐𐳓𐳀𐳐 𐳉𐳢𐳉𐳇𐳉𐳦𐳋𐳙𐳉𐳓 𐳘𐳉𐳍𐳏𐳀𐳦𐳁𐳢𐳛𐳯𐳁𐳤𐳁𐳢𐳜𐳖 𐳥𐳜𐳖𐳜 𐳄𐳐𐳓𐳓. 𐲀 𐳦𐳪𐳇𐳛𐳘𐳁𐳚𐳛𐳤 𐳌𐳛𐳗𐳜𐳐𐳢𐳀𐳦 𐳀 𐳿𐳿𐳼𐳼-𐳀𐳤 𐳋𐳮𐳂𐳟𐳖 𐳛𐳗𐳀𐳙 𐳮𐳁𐳖𐳛𐳍𐳀𐳦𐳛𐳦𐳦 𐳄𐳐𐳓𐳓𐳉𐳓𐳉𐳦 𐳉𐳘𐳉𐳖𐳦 𐳓𐳐, 𐳀𐳘𐳉𐳗𐳉𐳓 𐳀 𐳌𐳛𐳗𐳜𐳐𐳢𐳀𐳦 𐳖𐳉𐳍𐳦𐳞𐳂𐳂𐳉𐳦 𐳐𐳇𐳋𐳯𐳉𐳦𐳦, 𐳖𐳉𐳦𐳞𐳖𐳦𐳞𐳦𐳦 𐳋𐳤 𐳘𐳉𐳍𐳛𐳥𐳦𐳛𐳦𐳦 𐳄𐳐𐳓𐳓𐳉𐳐𐳙𐳉𐳓 𐳖𐳐𐳤𐳦𐳁𐳒𐳁𐳦 𐳮𐳉𐳯𐳉𐳦𐳐𐳓.



‮𐲓𐳛𐳢𐳁𐳂𐳂𐳐 𐳄𐳐𐳓𐳓𐳭𐳙𐳓𐳂𐳟𐳖:

‮𐲘𐳉𐳍𐳒𐳉𐳖𐳉𐳙𐳦 𐲠𐳢𐳛𐳌. 𐲇𐳢. 𐲓𐳁𐳤𐳖𐳉𐳢 𐲘𐳐𐳓𐳖𐳜𐳤 𐳮𐳉𐳯𐳉𐳦𐳦𐳉 𐳓𐳪𐳦𐳀𐳦𐳜𐳆𐳛𐳠𐳛𐳢𐳦 𐳖𐳉𐳍𐳫𐳒𐳀𐳂𐳂 𐳠𐳪𐳂𐳖𐳐𐳓𐳁𐳄𐳐𐳜𐳒𐳀 𐳘𐳉𐳗𐳙𐳉𐳓 𐳄𐳑𐳘𐳉: 𐲀𐳯 𐲁𐳢𐳠𐳁𐳇-𐳏𐳁𐳯 𐳌𐳐𐳖𐳛𐳍𐳉𐳙𐳉𐳦𐳐𐳓𐳀𐳐 𐳉𐳢𐳉𐳇𐳉𐳦𐳋𐳙𐳉𐳓 𐳘𐳉𐳍𐳏𐳀𐳦𐳁𐳢𐳛𐳯𐳁𐳤𐳀 𐳺𐳺𐳺. 𐳼𐳋𐳖𐳀 Y-𐳓𐳢𐳛𐳘𐳛𐳥𐳜𐳘𐳁𐳤 𐳥𐳉𐳓𐳮𐳉𐳙𐳄𐳐𐳁𐳒𐳁𐳙𐳀𐳓 𐳉𐳖𐳉𐳘𐳯𐳋𐳤𐳉 𐳀𐳖𐳀𐳠𐳒𐳁𐳙 (𐳉𐳢𐳉𐳇𐳉𐳦𐳐 𐳄𐳑𐳘: Determination of the phylogenetic origins of the Árpád Dynasty based on Y chromosome sequencing of Béla the Third), 𐳀𐳘𐳉𐳗 𐳀 Nature 𐳓𐳐𐳀𐳇𐳜 Europen Journal of Human Genetics 𐳥𐳀𐳓𐳌𐳛𐳗𐳜𐳐𐳢𐳀𐳦𐳁𐳂𐳀𐳙 𐳒𐳉𐳖𐳉𐳙𐳦 𐳘𐳉𐳍.

‮𐲀 𐳄𐳐𐳓𐳓 𐳉𐳖𐳤𐳟 𐳥𐳉𐳢𐳯𐳟𐳒𐳉 𐲙𐳀𐳎 𐲠𐳋𐳦𐳉𐳢 𐳛𐳢𐳮𐳛𐳤, 𐳏𐳪𐳘𐳁𐳙 𐳍𐳉𐳙𐳉𐳦𐳐𐳓𐳪𐳤, 𐳀 𐳓𐳪𐳦𐳀𐳦𐳁𐳤 𐳎𐳀𐳓𐳛𐳢𐳖𐳀𐳦𐳐 𐳮𐳉𐳯𐳉𐳦𐳟𐳒𐳉 𐳁𐳖𐳦𐳀𐳖 𐳒𐳉𐳎𐳯𐳉𐳦𐳦 𐳠𐳪𐳂𐳖𐳐𐳓𐳁𐳄𐳐𐳜 𐳀𐳯 𐲁𐳢𐳠𐳁𐳇-𐳏𐳁𐳯 𐳓𐳋𐳦 𐳦𐳀𐳍𐳒𐳁𐳙𐳀𐳓 𐳍𐳉𐳙𐳉𐳦𐳐𐳓𐳀𐳐 𐳉𐳖𐳉𐳘𐳯𐳋𐳤𐳋𐳦 𐳢𐳋𐳥𐳖𐳉𐳦𐳉𐳯𐳮𐳉, 𐳖𐳉𐳑𐳢𐳒𐳀, 𐳏𐳛𐳎 𐳀𐳯 𐲁𐳢𐳠𐳁𐳇- 𐳇𐳐𐳙𐳀𐳥𐳦𐳐𐳀 𐳛𐳗𐳀𐳙 𐳖𐳉𐳥𐳁𐳢𐳘𐳀𐳯𐳁𐳤𐳐 𐳮𐳛𐳙𐳀𐳖𐳂𐳜𐳖 𐳥𐳁𐳢𐳘𐳀𐳯𐳦𐳀𐳓 (R-Z2125), 𐳀𐳘𐳉𐳗 𐳘𐳀 𐳉𐳖𐳤𐳟𐳤𐳛𐳢𐳂𐳀𐳙 𐳐𐳢𐳁𐳙𐳐 𐳮𐳀𐳎 𐳦𐳞𐳢𐳞𐳓 𐳚𐳉𐳖𐳮𐳹 𐳉𐳦𐳙𐳐𐳓𐳀𐳐 𐳆𐳛𐳠𐳛𐳢𐳦𐳛𐳓 𐳓𐳞𐳢𐳋𐳂𐳉𐳙 𐳮𐳀𐳙 𐳒𐳉𐳖𐳉𐳙 (𐳠𐳁𐳤𐳦𐳫, 𐳦𐳁𐳴𐳐𐳓, 𐳦𐳭𐳢𐳓𐳘𐳋𐳙, 𐳭𐳯𐳂𐳋𐳍, 𐳂𐳀𐳤𐳓𐳑𐳢).

‮𐲀 𐳓𐳪𐳦𐳀𐳦𐳁𐳤 𐳥𐳉𐳢𐳐𐳙𐳦 𐳀𐳯 R-Z2123 𐳙𐳀𐳎 𐳌𐳉𐳖𐳂𐳛𐳙𐳦𐳁𐳤𐳫 𐳌𐳐𐳖𐳛𐳍𐳉𐳙𐳉𐳙𐳉𐳦𐳐𐳓𐳀𐳐 𐳓𐳛𐳙𐳦𐳉𐳷𐳦𐳪𐳤𐳁𐳂𐳀𐳙 𐳀𐳯 𐳉𐳖𐳤𐳟 𐳘𐳀𐳎𐳀𐳢 𐳓𐳐𐳢𐳁𐳗𐳐 𐳇𐳐𐳙𐳀𐳥𐳦𐳐𐳀 𐳉𐳢𐳉𐳇𐳉𐳦𐳉 𐳀𐳯 𐲋𐳥𐳀𐳓-𐲀𐳌𐳍𐳀𐳙𐳐𐳥𐳦𐳁𐳙 𐳓𐳞𐳢𐳚𐳋𐳓𐳐 𐳢𐳋𐳍𐳐𐳜𐳂𐳀𐳙 𐳒𐳉𐳖𐳞𐳖𐳏𐳉𐳦𐳟 𐳘𐳉𐳍, 𐳓𐳞𐳢𐳭𐳖𐳂𐳉𐳖𐳭𐳖 𐳿𐳿𐳿𐳿𐲿 𐳋𐳮𐳮𐳉𐳖 𐳉𐳯𐳉𐳖𐳟𐳦𐳦𐳢𐳉 𐳇𐳀𐳦𐳁𐳖𐳏𐳀𐳦𐳜, 𐳋𐳤 𐳀 𐳂𐳀𐳤𐳓𐳑𐳢𐳛𐳓𐳀𐳦 𐳀𐳯𐳛𐳙𐳛𐳤𐳑𐳦𐳒𐳀 𐳖𐳉𐳍𐳓𐳞𐳯𐳉𐳖𐳉𐳂𐳂𐳐 𐳢𐳛𐳓𐳛𐳙𐳓𐳋𐳙𐳦. 𐲀 𐳓𐳋𐳦 𐳙𐳋𐳠𐳉𐳤𐳤𐳋𐳍 𐳥𐳋𐳦𐳮𐳁𐳖𐳁𐳤𐳁𐳙𐳀𐳓 𐳐𐳇𐳟𐳠𐳛𐳙𐳦𐳒𐳀 𐳠𐳉𐳇𐳐𐳍 𐳀𐳯 𐳐𐳇𐳟𐳥𐳁𐳘𐳑𐳦𐳁𐳤𐳪𐳙𐳓 𐳥𐳉𐳢𐳐𐳙𐳦𐳐 𐳉𐳖𐳤𐳟 𐳋𐳮𐳉𐳯𐳢𐳉𐳇 𐳉𐳖𐳉𐳒𐳉.

‮‮𐲀 𐳄𐳐𐳓𐳓 𐳦𐳁𐳢𐳥𐳥𐳉𐳢𐳯𐳟𐳒𐳉, 𐲙𐳉𐳠𐳀𐳢𐳁𐳄𐳯𐳓𐳐 𐲉𐳙𐳇𐳢𐳉, 𐳀 𐲘𐳀𐳎𐳀𐳢𐳤𐳁𐳍𐳓𐳪𐳦𐳀𐳦𐳜 𐲐𐳙𐳦𐳋𐳯𐳉𐳦 𐲀𐳢𐳄𐳏𐳉𐳛𐳍𐳉𐳙𐳉𐳦𐳐𐳓𐳀𐳐 𐲓𐳪𐳦𐳀𐳦𐳜𐳓𐳞𐳯𐳠𐳛𐳙𐳦𐳒𐳁𐳙𐳀𐳓 𐳐𐳍𐳀𐳯𐳍𐳀𐳦𐳜𐳒𐳀