‮ ‮𐲀 𐳏𐳪𐳙, 𐳀𐳮𐳀𐳢 𐳋𐳤 𐳏𐳛𐳙𐳌𐳛𐳍𐳖𐳀𐳖𐳜 𐳘𐳀𐳎𐳀𐳢 𐳙𐳛𐳘𐳁𐳇 𐳙𐳋𐳠𐳉𐳤𐳤𐳋𐳍 𐳀𐳯 𐳉𐳪𐳢𐳁𐳰𐳐𐳀𐳐 𐳥𐳨𐳉𐳠𐳠𐳋𐳢𐳟𐳖 𐳋𐳢𐳓𐳉𐳯𐳉𐳦𐳦 𐳀 𐲓𐳁𐳢𐳠𐳁𐳦-𐳘𐳉𐳇𐳉𐳙𐳄𐳋𐳂𐳉

‮‮𐲙𐳉𐳘𐳯𐳉𐳦𐳓𐳞𐳯𐳐 𐳠𐳪𐳂𐳖𐳐𐳓𐳁𐳄𐳐𐳜 𐳀 𐳖𐳉𐳍𐳙𐳑𐳮𐳜𐳤𐳀𐳂𐳂 𐳦𐳪𐳇𐳛𐳘𐳁𐳚𐳛𐳤 𐳥𐳀𐳓𐳖𐳀𐳠𐳂𐳀𐳙.

‮‮𐲘𐳉𐳍𐳒𐳉𐳖𐳉𐳙𐳦 𐳀 𐲘𐳀𐳎𐳀𐳢𐳤𐳁𐳍𐳓𐳪𐳦𐳀𐳦𐳜 𐲐𐳙𐳦𐳋𐳯𐳉𐳦 𐲀𐳢𐳄𐳏𐳉𐳛𐳍𐳉𐳙𐳉𐳦𐳐𐳓𐳀𐳐 𐲓𐳪𐳦𐳀𐳦𐳜𐳓𐳞𐳯𐳠𐳛𐳙𐳦 𐳐𐳍𐳀𐳯𐳍𐳀𐳦𐳜𐳒𐳁𐳙𐳀𐳓 𐳋𐳤 𐳓𐳪𐳦𐳀𐳦𐳜 𐳘𐳪𐳙𐳓𐳀𐳦𐳁𐳢𐳤𐳀𐳐𐳙𐳀𐳓 𐳀 𐳖𐳉𐳍𐳫𐳒𐳀𐳂𐳂 𐳠𐳪𐳂𐳖𐳐𐳓𐳁𐳄𐳐𐳜𐳒𐳀: 𐲀𐳠𐳀𐳐 𐳁𐳍𐳫 (𐲸-𐳓𐳢𐳛𐳘𐳛𐳥𐳜𐳘𐳁𐳤) 𐳏𐳀𐳠𐳖𐳛𐳆𐳛𐳠𐳛𐳢𐳦𐳛𐳓 𐳀 𐲓𐳁𐳢𐳠𐳁𐳦-𐳘𐳉𐳇𐳉𐳙𐳄𐳋𐳂𐳉𐳙 𐳌𐳉𐳖𐳦𐳁𐳢𐳦 𐳏𐳪𐳙, 𐳀𐳮𐳀𐳢 𐳋𐳤 𐳏𐳛𐳙𐳌𐳛𐳍𐳖𐳀𐳖𐳁𐳤 𐳓𐳛𐳢𐳐 𐳖𐳉𐳖𐳉𐳦𐳉𐳓𐳂𐳟𐳖 𐳄𐳑𐳘𐳘𐳉𐳖. 𐲉𐳢𐳉𐳇𐳉𐳦𐳐 𐳄𐳑𐳘:

Y-chromosome haplogroups from Hun, Avar and conquering Hungarian period nomadic people of the Carpathian Basin

‮‮𐲏𐳪𐳙 𐳀𐳢𐳀𐳚 𐳇𐳐𐳀𐳇𐳋𐳘 – 𐲓𐳁𐳢𐳠𐳁𐳦-𐳘𐳉𐳇𐳉𐳙𐳄𐳉 – 𐲆𐳛𐳢𐳙𐳀 𐳻. 𐳥.

‮‮𐲀 𐳦𐳀𐳙𐳪𐳖𐳘𐳁𐳚 𐳥𐳉𐳢𐳐𐳙𐳦 𐳀 𐳏𐳪𐳙, 𐳀𐳮𐳀𐳢 𐳋𐳤 𐳏𐳛𐳙𐳌𐳛𐳍𐳖𐳀𐳖𐳜 𐳘𐳀𐳎𐳀𐳢 𐳙𐳛𐳘𐳁𐳇 𐳙𐳋𐳠𐳉𐳤𐳤𐳋𐳍𐳉𐳓 𐳠𐳛𐳙𐳦𐳛𐳤 𐳉𐳢𐳉𐳇𐳉𐳦𐳋𐳦 𐳙𐳉𐳘 𐳐𐳤𐳘𐳉𐳢𐳒𐳭𐳓, 𐳆𐳀𐳓 𐳀𐳚𐳚𐳐 𐳂𐳐𐳯𐳛𐳚𐳛𐳤, 𐳏𐳛𐳎 𐳀𐳯 𐳉𐳪𐳢𐳁𐳰𐳐𐳀𐳐 𐳥𐳨𐳉𐳠𐳠𐳋𐳢𐳟𐳖 𐳋𐳢𐳓𐳉𐳯𐳉𐳦𐳦 𐳀 𐲓𐳁𐳢𐳠𐳁𐳦-𐳘𐳉𐳇𐳉𐳙𐳄𐳋𐳂𐳉 𐳋𐳤 𐳒𐳉𐳖𐳉𐳙𐳦𐳟𐳤𐳉𐳙 𐳂𐳉𐳌𐳛𐳗𐳁𐳤𐳛𐳖𐳦𐳁𐳓 𐳀𐳙𐳙𐳀𐳓 𐳠𐳛𐳖𐳐𐳦𐳐𐳓𐳀𐳐 𐳮𐳐𐳥𐳛𐳚𐳀𐳐𐳦 𐳋𐳤 𐳉𐳦𐳙𐳐𐳓𐳀𐳐 𐳞𐳥𐳥𐳉𐳦𐳋𐳦𐳉𐳖𐳋𐳦. 𐲀 𐳌𐳉𐳙𐳦𐳐 𐳙𐳋𐳠𐳉𐳤𐳤𐳋𐳍𐳉𐳓 𐳍𐳉𐳙𐳉𐳦𐳐𐳓𐳀𐳐 𐳢𐳛𐳓𐳛𐳙𐳤𐳁𐳍𐳁𐳙𐳀𐳓 𐳌𐳉𐳖𐳇𐳉𐳢𐳑𐳦𐳋𐳤𐳉 𐳤𐳛𐳢𐳁𐳙 𐳀 𐳓𐳪𐳦𐳀𐳦𐳜𐳓 𐳼𐳼𐳼𐳼𐳻𐳺𐳺𐳺𐳺 𐳖𐳉𐳖𐳉𐳦𐳙𐳉𐳓 𐳏𐳀𐳦𐳁𐳢𐳛𐳯𐳦𐳁𐳓 𐳘𐳉𐳍 𐳀𐳯 𐲸 𐳓𐳢𐳛𐳘𐳛𐳥𐳜𐳘𐳁𐳤 𐳏𐳀𐳠𐳖𐳛𐳆𐳛𐳠𐳛𐳢𐳦𐳒𐳁𐳦 𐳮𐳀𐳖𐳀𐳘𐳐𐳙𐳦 𐳛𐳗𐳀𐳙 𐳀𐳪𐳦𐳛𐳥𐳜𐳘𐳁𐳤 𐳖𐳜𐳓𐳪𐳥𐳀𐳐𐳦, 𐳀𐳘𐳉𐳗𐳉𐳓 𐳀𐳖𐳓𐳀𐳖𐳘𐳀𐳤𐳀𐳓 𐳀 𐳌𐳞𐳖𐳇𐳢𐳀𐳒𐳯𐳐 𐳥𐳁𐳢𐳘𐳀𐳯𐳁𐳤 𐳘𐳉𐳍𐳁𐳖𐳖𐳀𐳠𐳑𐳦𐳁𐳤𐳁𐳢𐳀. 𐲀 𐳮𐳐𐳰𐳍𐳁𐳖𐳦 𐳖𐳉𐳖𐳉𐳦𐳉𐳓 𐳦𐳞𐳂𐳂𐳤𐳋𐳍𐳉 𐳮𐳀𐳖𐳜𐳥𐳑𐳙𐳹𐳖𐳉𐳍 𐳘𐳐𐳙𐳇𐳉𐳙 𐳓𐳛𐳢𐳥𐳀𐳓𐳂𐳜𐳖 𐳀 𐳏𐳀𐳦𐳀𐳖𐳘𐳐/𐳓𐳀𐳦𐳛𐳙𐳀𐳐 𐳉𐳖𐳐𐳦𐳉𐳦 𐳓𐳋𐳠𐳮𐳐𐳤𐳉𐳖𐳦𐳉. 𐲀 𐳏𐳪𐳙 𐳓𐳛𐳢𐳐 𐳖𐳉𐳖𐳉𐳦𐳉𐳓 𐳏𐳀𐳠𐳖𐳛𐳆𐳛𐳠𐳛𐳢𐳦𐳒𐳀𐳐 𐳀𐳖𐳁𐳦𐳁𐳘𐳀𐳥𐳦𐳒𐳁𐳓 𐳀𐳯 𐳉𐳪𐳢𐳜𐳠𐳀𐳐 𐳏𐳪𐳙𐳛𐳓 𐳏𐳥𐳐𐳪𐳙𐳍𐳙𐳪 (𐳁𐳰𐳐𐳀𐳐 𐳏𐳪𐳙) 𐳥𐳁𐳢𐳘𐳀𐳯𐳁𐳤𐳁𐳦.

‮‮𐲀𐳮𐳀𐳢 𐳂𐳐𐳓𐳀𐳌𐳉𐳒𐳉𐳤 𐳐𐳮𐳜𐳆𐳀𐳙𐳀𐳓 – 𐲓𐳁𐳢𐳠𐳁𐳦-𐳘𐳉𐳇𐳉𐳙𐳄𐳉, 𐲙𐳀𐳎𐳥𐳉𐳙𐳦𐳘𐳐𐳓𐳖𐳜𐳤 – 𐳻𐳺𐳺𐳺. 𐳥.

‮‮𐲀𐳯 𐳀𐳮𐳀𐳢 𐳓𐳛𐳢𐳐 𐳖𐳉𐳖𐳉𐳦𐳉𐳓 𐳦𐳞𐳂𐳂𐳤𐳋𐳍𐳉 𐳓𐳉𐳖𐳉𐳦-𐳉𐳪𐳢𐳁𐳰𐳐𐳀𐳐 𐲸-𐳏𐳀𐳠𐳖𐳛𐳆𐳛𐳠𐳛𐳢𐳦𐳛𐳓𐳀𐳦 𐳏𐳛𐳢𐳇𐳛𐳯, 𐳀𐳘𐳐 𐳀 𐳘𐳀 𐳋𐳖𐳟 𐳋𐳥𐳀𐳓𐳓𐳉𐳖𐳉𐳦-𐳥𐳐𐳂𐳋𐳢𐳐𐳀𐳐 𐳋𐳤 𐳂𐳪𐳢𐳒𐳁𐳦 𐳙𐳋𐳠𐳉𐳤𐳤𐳋𐳍𐳢𐳉 𐳒𐳉𐳖𐳖𐳉𐳘𐳯𐳟, 𐳋𐳤 𐳀𐳪𐳦𐳛𐳥𐳜𐳘𐳁𐳤 𐳖𐳜𐳓𐳪𐳥𐳀𐳐𐳓 𐳦𐳞𐳂𐳂𐳚𐳐𐳢𐳉 𐳓𐳉𐳮𐳉𐳢𐳉𐳇𐳋𐳤 𐳘𐳉𐳙𐳦𐳉𐳤 𐳁𐳰𐳐𐳀𐳐 𐳞𐳥𐳥𐳉𐳦𐳋𐳦𐳉𐳖𐳦 𐳘𐳪𐳦𐳀𐳦𐳦𐳀𐳓. 𐲉𐳯𐳯𐳉𐳖 𐳥𐳉𐳘𐳂𐳉𐳙 𐳀 𐳏𐳛𐳙𐳌𐳛𐳍𐳖𐳀𐳖𐳜 𐳘𐳀𐳎𐳀𐳢𐳤𐳁𐳍 𐳉𐳎 𐳮𐳉𐳎𐳉𐳤 𐳞𐳥𐳥𐳉𐳦𐳋𐳦𐳉𐳖𐳹 𐳙𐳋𐳠𐳉𐳤𐳤𐳋𐳍𐳙𐳉𐳓 𐳘𐳪𐳦𐳀𐳦𐳓𐳛𐳯𐳛𐳦𐳦, 𐳀𐳘𐳉𐳗 𐳦𐳐𐳥𐳦𐳀 𐳉𐳪𐳢𐳜𐳠𐳀𐳐, 𐳦𐳐𐳥𐳦𐳀 𐳁𐳰𐳐𐳀𐳐, 𐳮𐳀𐳖𐳀𐳘𐳐𐳙𐳦 𐳓𐳉𐳮𐳉𐳢𐳦 𐳍𐳉𐳙𐳉𐳦𐳐𐳓𐳀𐳐 𐳞𐳥𐳥𐳉𐳦𐳋𐳦𐳉𐳖𐳹 𐳉𐳘𐳂𐳉𐳢𐳉𐳓𐳂𐳟𐳖 𐳁𐳖𐳖𐳦, 𐳀𐳘𐳐 𐳉𐳎 𐳮𐳐𐳥𐳛𐳚𐳖𐳀𐳍 𐳌𐳢𐳐𐳤𐳤𐳉𐳙 𐳞𐳥𐳥𐳉𐳁𐳖𐳦 𐳆𐳛𐳠𐳛𐳢𐳦 𐳂𐳉𐳚𐳛𐳘𐳁𐳤𐳁𐳦 𐳓𐳉𐳖𐳦𐳐. 𐲮𐳁𐳖𐳦𐳛𐳯𐳀𐳦𐳛𐳤 𐳞𐳥𐳥𐳉𐳦𐳋𐳦𐳉𐳖𐳹 𐳀𐳠𐳀𐳐 𐳋𐳤 𐳀𐳚𐳀𐳐 𐳮𐳛𐳙𐳀𐳖𐳀𐳐𐳓 𐳀𐳯𐳦 𐳘𐳪𐳦𐳀𐳦𐳒𐳁𐳓, 𐳏𐳛𐳎 𐳀 𐳌𐳋𐳢𐳌𐳐𐳀𐳓 𐳋𐳤 𐳙𐳟𐳓 𐳪𐳎𐳀𐳙𐳀𐳯𐳛𐳙 𐳢𐳋𐳍𐳐𐳜𐳓𐳂𐳜𐳖 𐳥𐳁𐳢𐳘𐳀𐳯𐳦𐳀𐳓; 𐲓𐳞𐳯𐳋𐳠 𐳋𐳤 𐲂𐳉𐳖𐳤𐳟-𐲁𐳰𐳐𐳁𐳂𐳜𐳖, 𐳮𐳀𐳖𐳀𐳘𐳐𐳙𐳦 𐳀𐳯 𐳉𐳪𐳢𐳜𐳠𐳀𐳐 𐳠𐳛𐳙𐳦𐳪𐳥𐳐-𐳓𐳀𐳥𐳠𐳐 𐳥𐳨𐳉𐳠𐳠𐳋𐳢𐳟𐳖.

‮‮𐲏𐳛𐳙𐳌𐳛𐳍𐳖𐳀𐳖𐳜 𐳏𐳀𐳒𐳌𐳛𐳙𐳀𐳦𐳓𐳛𐳢𐳛𐳙𐳍 – 𐲓𐳁𐳢𐳠𐳁𐳦-𐳘𐳉𐳇𐳉𐳙𐳄𐳉, 𐲐𐳂𐳢𐳁𐳚 – 𐳼. 𐳥.

‮‮𐲀 𐳦𐳪𐳇𐳛𐳘𐳁𐳚𐳛𐳤 𐳄𐳐𐳓𐳓 𐳀 𐲙𐳋𐳆𐳞𐳢 (Nature) 𐳓𐳐𐳀𐳇𐳜𐳙𐳁𐳖, 𐳀 𐲥𐳁𐳒𐳉𐳙𐳦𐳐𐳌𐳐𐳓 𐲢𐳐𐳠𐳜𐳦𐳥 (Scientific Reports) 𐳥𐳀𐳓𐳌𐳛𐳗𐳜𐳐𐳢𐳀𐳦𐳂𐳀𐳙 𐳒𐳉𐳖𐳉𐳙𐳦 𐳘𐳉𐳍:


‮𐲀 𐲘𐳀𐳎𐳀𐳢𐳤𐳁𐳍𐳓𐳪𐳦𐳀𐳦𐳜 𐲐𐳙𐳦𐳋𐳯𐳉𐳦 𐳋𐳮𐳓𐳞𐳚𐳮𐳋𐳂𐳉𐳙 𐳀 𐳦𐳪𐳇𐳛𐳘𐳁𐳚𐳛𐳤 𐳄𐳐𐳓𐳓 𐳘𐳀𐳎𐳀𐳢 𐳚𐳉𐳖𐳮𐳉𐳙 𐳖𐳉𐳥 𐳉𐳖𐳋𐳢𐳏𐳉𐳦𐳟.